Pilot US-registered aircraft (FAA)

To be able to fly aircraft registered in the United States (FAA) it is necessary to have the PPL license according to the FAA regulation. Professional Aviation is the only flight school in Italy able to offer you the possibility of obtaining this license.

There are two possibilities:

  • the first is to take the PPL FAA theoretical-practical course following which you will hold the exam with the FAA examiner directly at our school and obtain the license.
  • The second possibility, which is applicable only if you already have an EASA license, is to obtain a PPL FAA license “based” on your EASA license without having to take a further exam as the FAA recognizes your EASA training. In this way, other than the EASA license you will also have a PPL FAA license that you can use without limitations like an FAA license made following the normal path of exams.

Professional Aviation is able to take care of every detail and to help you in the path you prefer choosing to reach the final goal of the FAA license.

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