PROFESSIONAL AVIATION is a young company founded on the solid basis of a strong passion for flying and high-level professionalism and training. Flying is our life and our mission is to be there, for all those who want to take up flying, out of passion, as a profession, or as a hobby. Our customers are our most valuable resource, we work with you and we work for you with the aim of helping you to fulfil a dream, train for a profession and feed the passion that will make flying and being a pilot one of the most fantastic and complete experiences in your life.

Accountable Manager, Head of Training

Vito Preti

“I’ve always loved flying, I began flying at 16 years of age, right on the airfield of Ozzano Emilia. After attending the Military Aeronautics Academy I trained as a military pilot with the USAF on the T-38, and later flew various other aircraft, including the F104, G-222, AMX and MB339. Today I’m a captain in the business aviation sector, qualified as an instructor and an EASA and FAA airline transport pilot. I fell in love with the Cirrus in 2005, while on an outing with an American friend. Since then I have realized the greatness of this incredible single-engine plane and I’ve followed its technical and commercial development. As a founding partner of Professional Aviation I’ve always dealt with the training and maintenance sides and to this day I have still not ceased being amazed by the capabilities and potential of this marvellous machine, by far the most innovative in the past 30 years of general aviation”.

Chief Flight Instructor, Safety Manager

Massimo Kayed

“I began my career in the executive sector as a pilot on the Cessna Citation, but my desire to further pursue and transmit the passion for flying led me to take up activity as an instructor and in this role I worked with different flying schools in Italy. Teaching people to fly, but above all the chance to share and transmit the passion for flying is a highly satisfying activity and that is why today I dedicate myself entirely to this, to our students. My meeting Vito gave rise to PROFESSIONAL AVIATION, the flying school we had always wanted, a company but also a dream to be experienced and shared, and to see come true with our students”.

Maintenance Manager

Marco Gola

“A passion for flying has always been with me, I obtained a private pilot license as early as possible and started flying in my spare time until I eventually decided to make this passion my job and become a maintenance technician. As soon as I qualified, I moved from Alessandria to Emilia Romagna and after a few years of experience with Cessna and Piper aircraft I arrived at Cirrus”. Today Marco is the most highly qualified Cirrus technician around and takes care of the maintenance of nearly the whole private Cirrus fleet in Italy. By virtue of his experience, Marco is one of the feathers in the cap of our team of maintenance.

Technical Office Camo PH and CMM

Massimiliano Musto

Massimiliano is our CAMO Post holder and he is the technical office’s boss. He manages all maturities of airplanes and plan accordingly for maintenance, as well as all the aspects related to the renewal of air navigation certificates and activities with aeronautical authorities.

Maintenance and Avionic

Andrea Baraldi

Andrea is a technical certificate ENAC and FAA. He also looks after the Warehouse. Andrea has a background in avionics and then expanded over time his experience at 360 degrees.

Deputy Maintenance Manager

Davide Mengozzi

Davide comes from another company of the same industry where he gained extensive experience not only on Cirrus but also on Diamond, Piper and Cessna. David has quickly placed in our team thanks to his broad experience, dedication and seriousness.

Cirrus and Tecnam specialized mechanic

Giovanni Panicali

Giovanni grew up few years in a competitor company and he specialized working on Tecnam’s and Cirrus after joining our team.  Even if he’s still a young man, the already have an over a decade experience background, recently he ended being the young of the team… no he is just a young experienced.

Flight Instructor and Class Rating Examiner

Damiano Fachiri

Damiano is the FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR. In uppercase because he is a flight instructor par excellence. More than 25 years of Full-Time Professional Flight instruction experience, now he has 12,500 hours of flight, all instructional … no other comments needed!

Flight Instructor, Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor

Lorenzo Pizzi

Lorenzo is the newest member in our team but immediately is stood out for his preparation, commitment and a genuine passion for flying and teaching. Lorenzo takes care of our theory courses, in addition to the light activity with other instructors.

Flight Instructor and APR Instructor

Riccardo Bonora

Riccardo is a truly passionate about anything flying. That’s why he share is time being a flying instructor and an APR instructor. Hard to say where he is more knowledgeable. Any task to be done, ordinary or not, Riccardo can make it if it’s flying related.

Flight Instructor

Massimo Amorati

After years as a flight instructor in the US he decided to come back home and he made it joining the best team in the nearby. Massimo brings with him a lot of international experience and adds and important brick to our Instructor Pilot Team.

Flight Instructor

Gianluca Cevenini

After several aero-work and basic flight training experiences he joined the team in 2018 and thanks to his skills and attitude immediately matched the group. He is a young experienced asset growing up quickly as a mater piece of the company future.

Ware house and flight records

Rita Masina

Rita is the company veteran and she is in charge of  the flying billing other than supporting the admin team. Thanks to her experience with the company if anybody doesn’t know something asking Rita is the solution.

Flight School Scheduling

Claudia Casieri

Claudia, always smiling and calm, manages all of the flight school activities: the flight dates, registration, practices with the aeronautical authorities and all other organizational and bureaucratic aspects of the students’ activities.

Ware house and flight records

Linda Dolcetto

Not many things to say bout Linda: a war machine. She supports the scheduling team and take cares of sales ad well. But she also always available and effective for any unscheduled task.


Marica Marrollo

Marica is always kind and smiling but be aware not to outlaw with the Admin director. She manage all the admin of the company, the financial planning, the customers and vendors admin relationships.