Professional Aviation Staff

Professionalism and many years of experience in the field. But also passion and willingness to pass on their skills to all the students of the school. Our team of pilots, technicians and instructors will accompany you throughout the training period, offering you the highest quality training and supporting you at every stage of your journey.

Vito Preti

CEO Founder – Accountable Manager

Platinum Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot

“I’ve been in love with aviation since I was a kid and I started flying at the age of 13 with paragliding and at 16 with ultralight aircraft, right on the airfield of Ozzano Emilia. I earned my PPL at the age of 17 and right after graduating from High School I joined the Italian Air Force Academy. I graduated as a military pilot with the USAF on the T-38 aircraft, and later flew various other aircraft, including the F104, G-222, AMX and MB339. Today I’m a Business Jet captain, qualified as a Flight Instructor and ATPL both EASA and FAA. I’m also EASA CPL(H) and FI. Lately I’ve qualified as Flight Examiner.

I fell in love with the Cirrus aircraft in 2005 by going for a ride with an American friend. Ever since then I realized the potential of this incredible single-engine plane and followed its technical and commercial development. As a founding partner of Professional Aviation Ltd. I’ve always dealt both with the training and maintenance sides and, to this day, I am still utterly amazed of the capabilities and potential of this marvelous machine, by far the most innovative in the past 30 years of general aviation.

From the desire to train people on the Cirrus SR have born the training center, later on enriched with the amazing Italian made Tecnam Aircrafts P2008 and P06T.

A modern and high-end glass cockpit fleet for an equally modern and ambitious academy born from a love that is still the daily driving of our passion and dedication for what we do with the aim of training the best and safest professionals in the presente and future airline industry.”

Massimo Kayed

Head of Training

Platinum Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot

“I began my career in the executive sector as a pilot on the Cessna Citation, but my desire to further pursue and transmit the passion for flying led me to take up activity as an instructor and I worked in this role with different flight schools in Italy. Teaching people to fly, but, above all, having the chance to share and transmit the passion for flying is a very rewarding activity, which explains why today I dedicate myself entirely to this, to our students. My encounter with Vito laid the foundations to establish Professional Aviation, the flight school we had always wanted, a company but also a dream to be lived and shared and to be realized with our students.”



Chief Flight Instructor

Damiano Fachiri

Senior Flight Instructor


Senior Flight Instructor


Safety Manager
Senior Flight Instructor


Flight Instructor


Flight Instructor


Flight Instructor

Enrico Garettini

Flight Instructor


Flight Instructor


Flight Instructor
Deputy Safety Manager

Valentina Mascherucci

Flight Instructor


Operations Office handles flight slots, match the maintenance of the aircraft with pilot’s availability, organize the flight instructors work shifts and manage business relationships.


The Administration Office plays a strategic role as it organizes and coordinates the accounting and financial services of the company. It deals with a number of activities including invoice management.


Professional Aviation Service conducts maintenance on both FAA and EASA aircraft and holds CAMO certification. This enables us to oversee maintenance schedules for our fleet and our customers, tailoring our approach to meet specific requirements and minimizing aircraft downtime as scheduled. Following maintenance, our flight instructors conduct test flights to ensure all aircraft parameters are within normal ranges.