To start the profession of airline pilot after the age of 35


In these years of experience in the world of training, we have realized that more and more students of our Academy are aged between 35 and 40 years old: the profession of airline pilot is often a dream that was sitting in a drawer and that today you can finally choose to come true.

Why is this the best time to become an aircraft pilot? Data in hand, here is a more than interesting answer: a research conducted by CAE – Aviation Training Solution, world leader in aviation training, has shown that about 255,000 pilots will be needed in the next 10 years. 


A growing sector 

The growth of the commercial air transport sector and the retirements in the coming years will lead to an increase in the demand for pilots: moreover, according to the forecasts of CAE, there will be a need for about 180,000 officers for airlines, a number higher than in any previous decade.

According to Nick Leontidis, President of CAE, the airline industry will need 70 new pilots per day for the next 10 years to meet global demand. To satisfy this record demand, it will be necessary to create career paths and innovative training systems for pilots: it is a challenge for flight schools like ours, which is why we have chosen to focus on a team of full-time dedicated instructors and our ATPL course is based on techniques from the Air Force.


A question of character 

Airlines aren’t just looking for first officers to fill the right spot. They are looking for candidates with the potential to become pilots in command within their organizations. The civil aviation industry must continuously improve and innovate: it is, in fact, necessary to train pilots who have the appropriate skills to meet the customized needs of airlines.

For example, one airline may need a pilot willing to travel for long periods before returning home, while another airline may only offer short-haul daily flights. At Professional Aviation we also follow our students in the path that will lead them to the selection of the main world airlines: we know the needs of the airlines and we know what are the qualities that the airlines positively evaluate in the selection of the potential candidates.


The airline pilot: an opportunity for the Millennials 

The Millennials are the new generation of pilots: those who were born around the eighties and the early nineties, who grew up in the aftermath of 9/11, who saw the first smartphone and experienced the expansion of the internet. They are the pilots who have access to a type of training that is more oriented towards safety and to the new technologies and who have understood the importance of skills, such as the knowledge of languages.

If you too are part of what today is called Generation Y or Net Generation and you have always had the ambition to become an aircraft pilot, if you have left the dream of flying sitting in a drawer for too long, then now is the right time to think seriously about your future: the profession of airline pilot is presently a true career opportunity that individuals even under 35 can now aspire to. Contact us now to evaluate with us the most suitable path for you!