Night Rating, to fly at night


Flying at night in Visual Flight Rules (VFR) is one of the most evocative experiences a pilot can experience.

Looking at the practical side, obtaining the VFR night rating is a great way to meet the winter months and the less and less hours of light there are without having to worry about landing before the sun sets.

Furthermore, the Night Rating is a requirement if you want to use the Instrument Rating  (IR) or the Enroute Instrument Rating (EIR) at night.

In Italy there are many airports open to night VFR traffic and the “Marconi” in Bologna is one of them. So why not profit from this advantage and obtain the “Night Rating” qualification?

Professional Aviation offers the possibility of taking the course in two afternoons and evenings leaving from Ozzano  and landing in Bologna. The course consists of 5 hours of flight of which at least 3 in dual-command  and 1 hour solo with at least 5 complete landings.

To the hours of flight are added 5 hours of theory to be carried out in a single day in the classroom.

The course will develop into several flights and, other than Bologna, it will involve the airports of Ancona, Rimini, Perugia, Venice and Verona. It will be an opportunity to see these beautiful cities from a very different perspective than usual.

The choice of the aircraft will be at the student’s discretion between Cirrus SR20 and  SR22 Turbo or Tecnam P2008.

Upon successful completion of the course, the qualification will be immediately transcribed on the flight license.

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