How the flight simulator has changed the profession of the pilot

As even the most experienced pilots and instructors say, training is essential in the profession of an because the sense of flight is actually unnatural for a human being.

That is why it was immediately understood, since the creation of the first aircraft, that a pilot must undergo a training course, before taking the controls of an aircraft.  In this context flight simulation has become an important part in the teaching of both civil and military flight schools.

Much of the training, which was previously carried out only on the aircraft, has now been conducted for years on flight simulators. Furthermore, the simulation has given an important contribution not only in improving aviation safety, but also in accident investigations and in the studies of aircraft design.

The advantages of the flight simulator

The flight simulator is a device that artificially recreates the flight of an aircraft and the environment in which it is conducted. This device is also able to replicate the operations and calculations that are the basis of the navigation of an aircraft, thus simulating the way in which the aircraft reacts to external factors, such as pressure, turbulence, wind, precipitation, etc.

The great advantage of the flight simulator is to improve the quality of the training because it allows the student to try out different flight maneuvers, even in an emergency, or that are very complex to be recreated safely on a real airplane.

In this way it is possible to expose students to different scenarios that will help them develop their decision-making skills. This process, moreover, is performed in a controlled environment and with the possibility of repeating the exercises until the student reaches the desired level.

Professional Aviation chooses the Alsim ALX flight simulator

In our school, from the very beginning, we adopted the “scenario-based teaching methodology”, which is designed to allow the student to learn how to deal with all the operational situations during the flight.

The year 2020 sees the entry into our Academy of a new tool that will complement the effectiveness of our training: we are talking about the Alsim ALX flight simulator.

 “Having the flexibility to change different configurations and flight models thanks to a simulator is an added value for our school. By examining the options presented on the market, Alsim and, in particular, the ALX model are clearly the most reliable, advanced and trusted company and product available today” commented our CEO Vito Preti.

Alsim ALX is certified as a single engine piston, twin engine piston and as a “medium Jet”, therefore the general B737 and A320 range. The flight simulator is designed and approved for PPL (Private Pilot License), CPL (Commercial Pilot License), IR (Instrument Rating) training and for the MCC (Multi-Crew Cooperation) course in accordance with all current regulatory standards.

“Professional Aviation is growing rapidly on the flight training market and wants to continue to offer a high level of training not only with a modern fleet, consisting of brand new aircraft, such as Cirrus and Tecnam Glass, but also with Alsim ALX, which is the only FNPT-certified (Flight and Navigation Procedure Trainer) simulator in Italy with the ability to offer the entire ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) course. We are delighted to add them to our customers and hope this is just the beginning of our relationship”, said Nicolas de Lassus, Alsim’s Sales Account Manager.

The features of the Alsim ALX flight simulator

As we have said thus far, the simulator is an essential tool to help the pilot in his/her decision-making process, which we know is a vital part of the training. But let’s see together the main features of this specific simulator model:

– it is a flexible device, capable of adapting and growing with the needs of the customers;
– it has a modular installation;
– it is easy to maintain with minimal waiting times;
– it covers up to 4 different types of aircraft and 10 different flight models;
– it presents an advanced visual system;
– it has a high level of realism (HDVS – High Definition Visual System and Force Feedback yoke);
– it is provided with customer support to set up an efficient training program.

One of the most important qualities of becoming a successful pilot is the capacity to develop situation awareness and the ability to act and react to any situation. With this in mind, we have adopted the ALX flight simulator in our school because it also includes the possibility of qualifying for multi-crew operations thanks to the MCC (Multi-Crew Cooperation) course, i.e. the course that introduces the techniques, knowledge and skills required for operating an aircraft with two pilots.

Today, innovative flight simulators, such as Alsim ALX, allow a total immersion in a “virtual” experience very close to the real one, offering the possibility to our cadets to have a first serious approach to the aircraft and to the numerous emergency and unexpected scenarios that flying involves. Combined with the professionalism of a team of expert teachers and thanks to a teaching method that for years has allowed us to successfully train our students, these devices allow the student to start a career as an airline pilot and to become a professional who is aware and, therefore, more confident in his/her skills.