You can choose the aircraft best suited to you among our ultralight models, P92 and Astore, and decide which of the courses organized by PROFESSIONAL AVIATION you’d like to take to learn how to fly and get your license!

BASIC VDS: this course enables you to get a recreational-sport pilot license and fly aircraft in this category on your own.

The course includes 33 hours of theoretical training and 16 hours of flying with the instructor.

We also offer the option of personalizing the course based on customer needs.

PASSENGER QUALIFICATION: it is the second step in recreational-sport pilot training. Taking this course will enable you to qualify and take a passenger with you on flights.

The course includes 3 hours of flying focused on emergencies.

ADVANCED VDS: it is the third and last step, and is the qualification that will enable you to cross controlled traffic regions and also land in General Aviation airports. All of our flying instructors also engage in PPL and IR training activity, and we are proud to affirm that our advanced VDS recreational-sport flying course is among the most valid and complete in the sector. If you want to fly ultralight aircraft and be competent like a professional, PROFESSIONAL AVIATION with its advanced VDS course is the right choice for you!

The course includes 8 hours of theoretical training 5 hours of flying.

FONIA COURSE: this course is mandatory for those wishing to take the advanced recreational-sport (VDS) exam. PROFESSIONAL AVIATION organizes the course periodically on a group, and on request, individual basis.

After completing the course, the student will take the exam directly in our school.

GARMIN COURSE: Garmin G3x/G1000 course with G3x Simulator in the classroom. You will learn to use the touch screen present in our aircraft. You will therefore be able to control the aircraft and all its systems simply by touching the screens with your fingers.