If you have obtained a license and now want to fly a plane to take advantage of your license, PROFESSIONAL AVIATION is the solution!

A vast fleet of general aviation and ultralight aircraft, all strictly brand new, is at everyone’s disposal – both more expert pilots and novice pilots – in our hangars. You can choose from a wide range of planes and rent the one you prefer:

  • SR20
  • SR22 Turbo
  • P2008
  • P92, ultralight

Rent Professional Aviation

PROFESSIONAL AVIATION is at your service to ensure that you can fly in utmost comfort and safety.

Let us know what you need and we’ll do everything we can to satisfy you!


    your plane goes through a very thorough procedure, which includes a complete checkup carried out by our technicians so that your flight will be worry free from the moment the keys and flight documents are handed over to you. You will therefore have the certainty of flying in complete safety in a perfectly efficient aircraft


    on the plane and in the luggage compartment you’ll find all the equipment you and your travelling companions need. You’ll find a complete set of “Bose” headsets, container for purging, extra jerry cans of oil, towbar and on request, marine equipment


    you will have had a unique flying experience, whether you set off for a vacation in a faraway place or are flying around in circles

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