PROFESSIONAL AVIATION is the only flying school in Italy and one of the few in Europe to use instructors in possession of both European and U.S. qualifications and thus offers all its courses according to both European (EASA) and American (FAA) standards.

Look for the offering that best suits your needs among the different training options and courses organized by PROFESSIONAL AVIATION for training and getting a pilot license.


EASA PPL COURSE: 100 hours of theoretical training, 45 hours of flying on P2008 or Cirrus SR 20. The EASA PPL license will enable you to fly aircraft registered in Europe.

FAA PPL COURSE: With an FAA PPL license you will be able to fly aircraft registered in the United States. You can take the course and the exam with us, or if you already have EASA PPL we’ll take care of the official conversion of your license into an equivalent FAA qualification.

EASA CBM/IR COURSE: if, once you have started flying, you feel the need to learn even more, we at PROFESSIONAL AVIATION will be there to support you. Our instructors are also qualified to provide you with instrument flight training (IFR). This qualification will add something important to your status as a pilot and enable you to fly aircraft also during the night or in weather conditions characterized by poor visibility. You will learn to fly in an even more precise manner, and you’ll be able to fly more and on every occasion without worrying about having to land before it gets dark or before the weather conditions get worse.

FAA IR COURSE: An instrument flight training course for qualification according to FAA rules. With this qualification you’ll be able to fly an aircraft registered in the United States under IFR rules.

CIRRUS TRANSITION TRAINING: This course enables anyone who already holds a pilot license to qualify to fly a Cirrus SR20/22/22T aircraft. It is the official course of the manufacturer, which, as an Authorized Cirrus Training Centre, we are able to offer according to the standards established by the company that makes this plane. The training is structured in 3 full days, which will include both theory and practice.

NIGHT RATING: A course consisting in 5 hours of night-time flying (prerequisite for enrolling in the IR course).

EFIS different training: Electronic Flight Instrumentation System.

SLPC different training: Single Level Power Control.

RENEWAL/REVALIDATION: With PROFESSIONAL AVIATION you can re-validate and renew your flying qualifications. The activity for renewal is conducted by the school’s internal examiners.

HOUR BUILDING: By completing an hour-building program organized for you with special “hour packages”, you’ll be able to keep your license valid and your level of training high.