For over a century human beings have harboured a desire to fly

which has pushed them towards new horizons and led them to plan new objectives to reach. Flying is an art, it is a science, it is a passion and until just a few years ago it was a dream, which today can be easily realized, like you might never have hoped. Besides being a centre authorized both by Cirrus Aircraft and Tecnam PROFESSIONAL AVIATION uses exclusively aircraft of the latest generation, all equipped with the most modern glass cockpit avionics and the best safety systems, including a Ballistic Parachute.

Modern, safe, high performance aircraft in an equally dynamic and professional environment. These are our tools, together with the professionalism of our instructors, for achieving our and your objectives:


    To realize the dream of becoming a pilot with modern, comfortable, safe planes, both general aviation and ultralight aircraft


    To create an experience, of life and of flying, in an exciting environment that will continue to be yours even after you get your license thanks to our numerous periodic initiatives


    To use the most effective teaching methods through scenario-based training and the use of modern aids