Are you a photographer? A drone hobbyist? Or do you need to find a way to monitor or map part of an area you are interested in? If so, you’re in the right place!

Thanks to the development of new technologies, particularly in the realm of electronics, today it is possible to monitor, photograph and film from above anything you want to using drones.

At PROFESSIONAL AVIATION we give you the possibility of doing all this with courses prepared and certified according to ENAC (Italian National Aviation Authority) regulations! PROFESSIONAL AVIATION can also help you convert your ENAC certification under the new legislation. We are one of the few schools in northern Italy with certification!

Take part in useful courses to obtaining the certificate to use the drone and you can satisfy all your professional needs! You will learn about the secrets of the drones and become an expert.

 To become a certified pilot of drones with PROFESSIONAL AVIATION  you can subscribe to:


    for obtaining an ENAC - approved UAV pilot certificate


    in accordance with new regulations

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