The testimonial of our students

A dream come true

During our first 10 years as Professional Aviation we have had the pleasure and honor of training many pilots who have obtained the ATPL license and today operate in airlines all over the world. Young people who have had the determination to make a dream come true, professionals who carry out a fulfilling and demanding job with competence and passion, full of responsibility but above all satisfactions.

We are really proud to be able to host in this section the video testimonials of some of our former students, now esteemed pilots, who carry out our mission and fuel our energy every day. Professional Aviation is very grateful to them and for the personal and professional enrichment we have drawn from the time spent together in our flight school.

What they say about us

Our license holders in the company 1

Our license holders in the company 2

Our students of the ATPL course 1

Our students of the ATPL course 2