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Become an airline pilot

With Professional Aviation your dream comes true

Modern, safe, high performance aircraft in an environment that is equally dynamic and professional. These are our tools, together with the professionalism of our instructors, to achieve our and your goals: to make your dream of becoming an airline pilot come true.



Airline Transport Pilot License

The ATPL is obtained by attending a modular course that provides a complete knowledge of the theory and of all the piloting skills and titles necessary to carry out the profession of airline pilot.

The modular ATPL path is composed of various theoretical and practical modules. The student will have the opportunity to complete all the necessary steps within the ATO (Approved Training Organization) and obtain the respective licenses and ratings under the supervision of the best professionals in the sector.

The testimonial of our students

During our first 10 years as Professional Aviation we have had the pleasure and honor of training many pilots who have obtained the ATPL license and today operate in airlines all over the world. Young people who have had the determination to make a dream come true. Professionals who carry out a fulfilling and demanding job with competence and passion, full of responsibility but above all satisfactions.


Open day

The perfect opportunity to meet us, visit our planes, our classrooms, meet the flight instructors and get all the information on how to make your dream of becoming an airline pilot come true. Discover the dates of the next “Open Day – Airline Pilot” days.


The flight instructors

Our team is made up of highly qualified pilots, instructors and technicians who, thanks to their specific skills, will follow you throughout the training period, offering you a highly professional training both from a technical and human point of view.


The Fleet

The fleet, entirely owned, is made up of aircraft of the latest generation and of very recent first registration, which are all equipped with the most modern Glass Cockpit avionics and the best safety systems, including a Ballistic Parachute on Cirrus aircraft.

Modern, safe and high performance aircraft in an environment that is equally dynamic and professional.

Furthermore, Professional Aviation is an authorized center both by Cirrus Aircraft and Tecnam Aircraft.


The Campus

Nestled in the Bolognese countryside a hop away from the city, from the motorway junction and from the railway station, it is easily accessible for those coming from outside the city. The geographical location with respect to the surrounding airspace makes it the ideal location for a flight school.

The campus is equipped with everything a flight academy needs, starting from the hangar structures passing through the offices and services.

There is also a small internal guesthouse, several external guesthouses, as well as a restaurant and a summer swimming pool.

A place of aggregation and study, it allows our students to experience a top-level academic experience.


The flight simulator

The total immersion in a virtual experience that a flight simulator creates allows you to reproduce training scenarios of both weather conditions and breakdowns or emergencies that are impossible to create in a real airplane. For this reason, the use of the flight simulator has become the standard in professional training to complement the practical learning carried out on the aircraft. Professional Aviation has chosen the most modern and complete Alsim ALX.