Aeronautical services

A pilot has specific needs. Here is what we have thought for you!

Not just a flight school. If you are already a pilot, in Professional Aviation we offer a series of services dedicated to each of your needs. From the maintenance of your aircraft performed by our qualified technicians, to the rental of aircraft of our fleet. From the customized offer of “hour packages” for your Hours Building training to the opportunity to purchase your favorite aircraft!


Professional Aviation is an authorized Cirrus Aircraft and Tecnam Aircraft service center.
Our technicians are all highly qualified, they are authorized both by EASA and FAA and are kept constantly up to date. With Professional Aviation, compliance with the very high standards as required by an Authorized Service Center is guaranteed: a qualified and highly customized service, with scheduling of routine maintenance and a reduction in downtimes thanks to an ample stock of spare parts, enabling you to start flying again as soon as possible.


Aircraft rental

If you have obtained a flight license and wish to practice flying an airplane, taking advantage of your license, Professional Aviation is the right solution for you!
In our hangars a vast fleet of general aviation and ultralight aircraft, all rigorously new from the factory, is available to all, more experienced as well as novice pilots. You can choose from a wide range of aircraft and rent the one you prefer.


Aircraft sale

To own a plane is every pilot’s final goal. But also to change your aircraft by purchasing one that is more modern and suited to new needs. An investment that must be evaluated and supported by serious and reliable partners. For this reason Professional Aviation offers those who make such an important choice a fleet of latest generation aircraft.