About us

Professionalism for future pilots!

Modernity, Quality, Efficiency and Safety.
The keywords of Professional Aviation, a company that rests on the solid foundations of great professionalism and preparation and of a strong passion for flying.

Flying is our life and our mission is to be present, for all those who want to take up flying, drawn by passion, as a profession, or as a hobby.
Our customers are our most valuable resource, we work with you and for you with the aim of helping you to fulfil a dream, train you for a profession and feed the passion that will make flying and being a pilot one of the most fantastic and rewarding experiences in your life.



To lead the business sector by making our customers’ dreams come true through an innovative experience and to be recognized as the best thanks to our team.


To deliver the best aeronautical experience in the name of Modernity, Quality, Efficiency and Safety.


Passion, Inspiration, Integrity, Trust, Innovation and Safety.


Our team is made up of highly qualified pilots, instructors and technicians who, thanks to their specific skills, will follow you throughout the training period, offering you a unique preparation in the field of general aviation and recreational-sports flying (VDS: Volo da Diporto o Sportivo – it is the Italian Ultralight or Microlight certificate ULM – Ultra Light Machine certificate).